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A visit to Fiji in the South Pacific ...


Page Four ~ Day Trips Sailing and Snorkeling


We took a Day Trip on the Schooner Whale's Tale to Honeymoon and Malamala Islands



Denarau Island, the WorldMark Fiji and the Seafront Restaurant (at left) from the ocean view of the Whale's Tale

Honeymoon Island, where we snorkeled

Crew of the Whale's Tale with Granny Granny poses on deck

Another day, we took a catamaran which transported passengers to many of the Mamanuca Islands, including Mana Island, one of the best snorkeling locations.


The Welcome Sign from the pier



Arriving at the Mana Island pier



Mary Jane and Granny

Mana Island Beach on  

walk across the  narrow island

the South Side near the pier

to the North Beach


for the best snorkeling



View of other islands from North Beach



Mary Jane snorkels while Granny watches, reads,

and relaxes in the shade on the deck of the resort


  The snorkeling   was great!


Granny and    Mary Jane waiting for the ride back to Denarau Island on the catamaran


Walking down the pier to the South Sea Cruises catamaran for the return trip




In Fiji

Wild Fiji

Day Trips

Feasts & Friends


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