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Saint Franηois Flora and Fauna Nightlife Petite Terre Day Trip


A visit to Guadeloupe in the French West Indies ...


Page Two ~ The Wildlife


The Endangered Green Sea Turtle

Bananaquits or Sugarbirds:



Magnificent Frigatebird





Cattle Egret

Royal Palm

Gray Kingbird


Hunting for Lizards


Frangipani Caterpillar, about four inches long, eating a Yellow Allamanda

Two Hermit Crabs


Hermit Crab


Ghost Crab in burrow


Ghost crabs breathe air and can drown. 

But they also have gills which must stay moist. 

They spend hot days in burrows near the water.



Travelers Tree



Yellow Allamanda


Flamboyant Tree

Saint Franηois Flora and Fauna Nightlife Petite Terre Day Trip

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