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Saint François Flora and Fauna Nightlife Petite Terre Day Trip


A visit to Guadeloupe in the French West Indies ...


Page Four ~ A Day Trip

Natural Reserve of Ilets de la Petite Terre

on board the catamaran "Tip Top Two"


Captain Guillaume of the Tip Top Two

Granny reading  on the way

Under sail      

The cross at Pointe des Chateaux

At the southeastern tip of Grande-Terre


The Tip Top Two at buoy between Terre de Bas and Terre de Haut, the two main islands of Ilets de la Petite Terre




Map showing the nature trail in red

No human activity is allowed away from the trail or on the other  islands


A lagoon surrounded by coral reef


Granny on the cliff

Surf coming up through the holes in the coral reef

  The Lighthouse,     no longer occupied



The terrain of

Terre de Bas

The Century Plant

which only blooms after ten to seventy years, then dies

The giant bloom can grow almost a foot a day


Century Plant blooms filled with Bananaquits and bees eating nectar

At night, the Century Plant is also pollinated by bats



Granny contemplates a Century Plant and his 100th year in 2034



This bee was the size of  a hummingbird


The white sand beach and the Tip Top Two


We also saw the green Antillean Iguana in heavy scrub cover

This was one of the nature trail signs


These Bananaquits were landing on       Mary Jane's hat and almost landed on her outstretched finger


Granny at rest

Hermit Crabs were everywhere in the sand


The Green Sea Turtle and the Blowfish arrive  for some lunch scraps

Looking across the islands to La Désirade in the distance

Under way again Returning to the  marina at Saint François
Now read Granny's  The Orphan and the Boot Go to Guadeloupe
Saint François Flora and Fauna Nightlife Petite Terre Day Trip

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